We just really like restaurants (and food).

And we read a lot about them. So, every Tuesday and Friday, we send out a simple email rundown of the most interesting and fun industry news we can find. While we appreciate people who crave the next article on “5 Great Places to Find Miso Soup on a Tuesday in Mid-to-Late September” or “1,987 Ways Your Restaurant’s Facebook Page Could Be Slightly Better”… that’s not us.

FAQ’s no one has actually asked us, but we’re going to answer anyway:

Where does the name come from? 

Family Meal is the “shift meal” a lot of restaurants offer the entire staff all at once, either before or after service. It’s a chance to try new dishes together, taste wines, talk service, gossip, and just catch up in general. For some restaurants, it is a fantastic opportunity to refer to huge bowls of cheap pasta as an “employment benefit.”

What do you think of food writers?

We love them, and we want to send them new readers. If you write or read great articles, please send links to andrew@thisfamilymeal.com for inclusion. Family Meal does not traffic in big block quotes or mazes of extra clicks. Links go directly to the writers’ own work.

Do you accept advertising?

Wow. What a great question. Yes. Yes, we do. Get in touch with us for more details: info@thisfamilymeal.com. Ours is a national audience of people throughout the industry – from owners and chefs to GMs, front of house, and folks on the line – plus, loads of people who do restaurant PR, real estate, writing, investing, designing, etc. And lots and lots of general food fans too.