A (Very Brief) Pause

Family Meal is in Cuba this week and too off the grid to put out a newsletter right now. I was going to send one out this morning, but to be honest there isn’t enough to make it interesting and I don’t want to waste everyone’s time with fluff.

SO. See you in a few days…

Actually, screw it. Here’s the draft as it was being built. I won’t send out the newsletter, but I will leave this here for the diehards. Unedited. Fingers crossed.

Hello Tuesday!

Quick reminder: Family Meal is headed to Havana this morning, so we’ll skip Friday’s edition and be back Tuesday if all goes well.

Here’s the roundup from the weekend’s news so far…

Juice Money – With all the subtlety of a “#sponsored” tag, Tom Colicchio announces his entrance into the paid tweet market. Reactions (comments) were mixed – one just reads, “ew” – but hey, if big juice offered you cash, you’d do it too. Remember when the entire city of New York sold out to Snapple?

Midcourse Life Crisis? (sorry) – As seen in Eater LA: “Looks like a consolidation effort for Eric Greenspan and his Midcourse Hospitality Group, as Eater has learned that the company has officially sold off a package of properties, including Maré Melrose, the attached Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese, and the newer Maré in Santa Monica.” Details here. Greenspan’s tweeted reaction: “Bittersweet to say the least.”

Tock Tickets The French Laundry announced yesterday that they’re jumping on the ticketed dining bandwagon. It’s another big get for Tock, but not a surprise – Thomas Keller invested in the company.

Food & Wine’s Somm of the Year list is out, though honestly I have no idea when this dropped. Some names you might recognize: Chad Walsh (of Agern in NYC), Caleb Ganzer, (Compagnie 
des Vins Surnaturels, NYC
), Arthur Hon (Sepia, Chicago), Kathryn Coker (Rustic Canyon Restaurant Group, Santa Monica), Brent Braun (Castagna, Portland, OR
), Steven Dilley (Bufalina, Austin), Erin Rolek (The Bachelor Farmer, Minneapolis), and Jim Rollston (Manresa, Los Gatos).

Six Foot Rabbit Loses Chef (sorry again)Haven’t heard why yet, but Eater NY saysHarvey, the continuously delayed restaurant at the Williamsburg Hotel, has hit another roadblock — its opening chef Adam Leonti is no longer a part of the project.

Wanna feel like a slacker? Chicago chef Iliana Regan (Michelin-starred at Elizabeth) is working on two books right now…

It’s National [whatever] Day! – But yesterday the whatever was replaced with Daniel Boulud, and CIA actually cancelled classes, so that’s something.

And finally: Sketchy – Is former New Yorker cartoonist / editor John Donohue attempting to draw the facades of all 24,000 restaurants in New York City in one year? Yes. Yes he is.

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