The Family Meal – Friday, November 4th, 2016

Good Friday morning from beautiful Carrboro, North Carolina, where Family Meal will be based until Election Day. Get out and vote!

Two incredible things happened this week:

  1. The Cubs won the World Series
  2. The NY Post called The Cheesecake FactoryThe Hottest New Restaurant in NYC

I kid you not.

Oh yeah, and Chicago got its Michelin stars for 2017. The Tribune has the list (and an entirely unnecessary slideshow) here.

Grant Achatz now has four stars to his name, with Alinea retaining three and Roister earning one in less than a year of operation. According to a Michelin spokesman, Next is too inconsistent to ever earn a star (“we cannot send our readers, based upon our philosophy, into a restaurant where we have absolutely no idea what they will be cooking next.”).

Eater Chicago has a great roundup of the rest of the news, with Grace retaining three stars, Oriole and Tru promoted to two, and Fat Rice still snubbed.

Make that internet moneyAndrew Zimmern fans have a new place to dip their credit cards: For just $19, they can watch his online videos and learn “the essential cooking techniques to execute any recipe properly.”  Take that, Culinary Institute of America.

Make those delivery dollars David Chang convinced celebrity non-chefs Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Falon to join a $7M investment round in Ando.

Cochon555 Instagam-ed offensive Asian stereotypes, and got called out by past winners Erik Bruner-Yang, Jonah Kim, and Danny Lee. According to WaPo: “Cochon hosted a ‘late-night Asian speak-easy’ in Atlanta on Oct. 28, and Muss & Turner’s chef Todd Mussman wore a kimono, woven bamboo hat and glasses that made his eyes appear stereotypically Asian. Cochon founder Brady Lowe (at right in the image) and other chefs posed for a photo with Mussman, which was then reposted on the main Cochon Instagram. It has since been removed.”

To his credit, Lowe offered a video apology that does not use the phrase: “if you were offended”.

This Family Meal invites you to Cruise the Caribbean with Celebrity Chefs — Curated by The List Are You On It‘s very own Nycci Nellis, Celebrity Cruises’ first ever D.C. Chefs Cruise includes renowned chefs Mike Isabella, Marjorie Meek-Bradley, and David Guas paired perfectly with bartender Derek Brown. The cruise embarks January 28, 2017 from Miami for a week of culinary collaborations with cooking demos, meal pairings, cocktail receptions, private dining, and serious poolside relaxation. Stops in Cozumel for an exclusive private beach BBQ prepared by the celebrity chefs, the Grand Caymans, Jamaica, and Hispaniola punctuate a never-to-be-forgotten, all-inclusive, top-notch premium cruise that only Celebrity Cruises and Nycci could cook up. All-inclusive pricing starts at around $1700 per person; it only requires a $320 per person deposit to reserve your room. NEW Through October 2, pay one cruise fare, get a second cruise fare half off. Lower cost, all the same perks! Don’t be left standing on the dock! (

Michael Chiarello arrested for DUI and drug possession – EaterSF implieshe may have had meth on him when he was arrested at 3:30am Wednesday morning. He says that’s false, but apologizes for the trouble. This on top of the explicit sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him for alleged indecencies at Coqueta in SF.

Southern Virginity – “As zero-to-hero food tales go, this is a good one. The star of the story is cold-pressed green peanut oil, which some of the best cooks in the South [like Steven Satterfield and Sean Brock] have come to think of as their local answer to extra-virgin olive oil”.

LONG READ / WORTH IT –Vanity Fair’s take on the alleged brainwashing that led to the downfall of Pure Food & Wine’s Sarma Melnailis is replete with sex, drugs, money and Alec Baldwin. “[Mr.] Baldwin became suspicious of Melngailis’s new beau: ‘One time he sent us a message and said, “Can you recommend a broker in East Hampton?” I said, “Sure. If you don’t mind my asking, what’s the price range you want to stay within?” He messaged me back on Twitter and said, “About 10 million.” I said, “You must be selling a lot of cucumber towers over there.” (Strangis’s attorney denies Baldwin’s account.)’ – NB: literally every paragraph ends with that parenthetical clause. (But I stand by this account of the account.)

Bidness Break: According to the Atlantic, millennials hate groceries, which is good for restaurants and bars.

Feel good finale: After the death of his mentor, Michel Richard, in August, Daniel Deshaies earned an excellent, 3 star review in the Washington Post for both his continuity and innovation at Central.

And that’s all we’ve got from down here in Carrboro. Send Research Triangle restaurant recommendations to, along with tips, complaints, and links to shady websites.

Check out past issues at, follow us on Twitter, and have a great weekend!

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