The Family Meal – Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

Tuesday morning and my chefs-only Twitter feed is full of politics. Ugh. This is a short one, but the week’s just getting started, so send your tips or questions to, and check out for more info.

Here we go…

This edition of the Family Meal is brought to you by World Central Kitchen, in celebration of World Food Day on October 14th. Professional chefs can join Jose Andres, Alice Waters, Mario Batali, Daniel Boulud, Ludo Lefebvre, Carla Hall, Michael Mina, and many more to be a part of the solution to ending world hunger. Check out all the participants, and sign up to join the team!

While you’re all fretting politics – Jonathon Gold is asking the important questions on Twitter. (If you click that link, I apologize.)

Alas, no one is talking about food politics – Best I could find was Modern Farmer‘s September breakdown, which has an issue-by-issue look at the candidates. Surprise: there are some actual policy proposals in there. None of them are NC-17 though, so who cares, right?

Kyle and Katina Connaughton’s Single Thread Inn – Is finally set for November, and expectations are so high in Healdsburg that I’m actually surprised they’re only charging $225 a ticket for 11 courses and a guest experience that works its way down from “canapés on the rooftop garden” and a tour of the greenhouse to dinner on “handmade custom dishes and donabe from 8TH-GENERATION MASTER POTTERS OF IGA.” (Capitalization my own, and I stand by it.)

Bib butters up – Is Michelin’s new DC guide just about the food scene? The Washingtonian’s Jessica Sidman has this smart take on (at least part of) the reason a tire company might want to make a splash in DC… Hint from a spokesman: “our main activity is not publishing guide books, it’s making and selling tires.”

Searching for Saltman –James Beard semifinalist Rick Easton ditched Pittsburgh’s booming food scene to open his own spot in NYC, and is tempingat Berg’n in Crown Heights while he looks for the right place. If you’re looking for a badass baker…

(Speaking of Pittsburgh – Can anyone point me to good, recent writing about the food scene there? I’m sure there’s more going on there than I’m reading lately. Thanks!)

LA Moves: Michael Hung / Bombet Hospitality depart the Avalon in LA –EaterLA reports both the chef and the group are out at the hotel. (Subtle shout-out to Share Our Strength via Hung’s apron in the pic.) And Raphael Lunetta(of shuttered JiRaffe) is taking over Veranda at The Georgia Hotel.

Tis the season? Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo (duo behind Animal, Son of a Gun, Jon & Vinny’s, Trois Mec, etc.) are popping in to add some new burgers to the original Shake Shack over Halloween weekend. And not to be (fast) casually outdone, Sweetgreen is teaming up with Jessica Koslow(Sqirl) around the same time.

When your restaurant is a landmark inside a landmark… and you have $19.9M in revenue, and almost 300 employees, you are going to have to negotiate with unions. If you’re Tavern on the Green (and you almost certainly are if that last sentence fits you), you hire the best. Then the Post reminds you: “Restaurants usually hire publicists, not lobbyists.”

Happy radio birthday – To Nycci Nellis’ “Foodie and the Beast” radio show / podcast, which just celebrated its 8th year last Sunday. Past guests have included local, national, and international greats like Michel Richard, Wolfgang Puck, Carla HallErik Bruner-Yang, Gene Bauer, Alain Ducasse,and many more – plus a whole slew of up-and-comers. This is the food show in the District. You want to be on her list.

And for the chef who has everything – Almost forgot to include this gem in my cookbook roundup: Chef(?) Salvador Dali’s heavily illustrated Les Diners de Gala is set for re-release. It looks wonderful. And terrifying. And you can see a lot of the pictures here.  If you are disturbed by armless women wearing lobster skirts, this is your trigger warning. Too late?

That’s it for today’s Family Meal. Check out past issues at, or hit us up on Twitter.

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